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 Guidelines for re-opening Sycamore Baptist 

*All phases are subject to change depending on current social distancing guidelines*



Phase One (Social Settings restricted to 10 or less)


  • Continue streaming Sunday morning services online

  • No PM Worship Service

  • No choir during this time


  • Encourage Sunday school classes and other discipleship classes to meet via facebook messenger, zoom, or other online methods

  • Encourage families to sign in and utilize our RightNow Media life tool

Student Ministry

  • Continue meeting on Wednesdays and Sundays via Zoom

Children Ministry

  • No children’s activities or childcare for any campus activities in order to protect the youngest and those who volunteer in childcare

We are currently in Phase Two

Phase Two (Social Settings restricted to 50% occupancy)


  • We will be providing two services on Sunday Morning

    • One beginning at 9:00am, the other beginning at 11:00am

      • Beginning August 23rd, 2020, we will join together in ONE service at 10am.​ 

  • Upon entrance, worshippers will be met with a sanitization greeter

    • This greeter will then offer to spray worshippers’ hands with disinfectant prior to entering the building

  • We will also provide entrance greeters who will open doors and keep the doors open for worshippers to minimize unnecessary contact 

    • These greeters will hold the offering plates to receive monetary donations upon conclusion of the service

  • We encourage worshippers to continue wearing masks and will provide some additional masks for those who may have forgotten theirs

  • When entering the sanctuary, you will notice that every other church pew will be roped off to further maintain proper social distancing

  • Please note, we will be limiting entrances into our facility by:

    • Opening up the two front sanctuary doors (far left and far right)

    • Opening up the gymnasium door under the awning to provide entry for those who are unable to use stairs

  • The Sanctuary POC areas will be cleaned and sanitized between services

  • Two smaller choirs will resume while maintaining six foot distancing rule

  • In Choir room - pews will be replaced with chairs in keeping the social distancing rule

  • Worship services will be dismissed in a systematic method to assist worshippers in exiting the building and limit unnecessary contact

  • We will shorten the length of worship services in an effort to give ample/adequate time necessary for entry and exit of all worshippers

    • This may also help reduce the need/use of bathroom facilities by some worshippers

  • Services will be recorded and uploaded later that evening

  • No PM Worship Service

Please take note of the following:

  • In order to encourage the wellbeing of our worshippers, we will lovingly discourage any and all unnecessary points of contact by:

    • Removing circulatable items such as bulletins or printed productions

    • Temporarily removing hymnals and Bibles from pews

    • Making sure each bathroom has soap and hand sanitizer available

      • There will be two gender specific attendants for each bathroom

        • One person may go in at a time

        • The corresponding attendant will clean the point of contacts between uses

    • Encouraging family groups to sit together to further minimize unnecessary exposure

    • Limiting baptisms to only one person at any one given service, unless it is an immediate family group

  • When we observe Our Lord’s Supper, will provide/offer prepackaged communion elements 

Again, we lovingly encourage the practice of social distancing until at which time the measure is lifted

Below is the Phase Two guidelines for Discipleship, Student Ministry, Children Ministry, and other fellowship activities:



  • We will encourage Sunday school classes and other discipleship classes to meet via facebook messenger, zoom, or other online methods

  • We will encourage classes to schedule weekly meetings off campus as long as they can continue to meet based on appropriate social distancing guidelines

  • We will encourage families to sign in and utilize our RightNow Media life tool

Student Ministry

  • Student activities can resume as long as they can continue/maintain appropriate social distancing guidelines

Children Ministry

  • There will be no children’s activities or childcare on our campus in order to protect the youngest, who are more vulnerable, and those who volunteer

  • Activities may begin to take place off campus, if it is deemed possible to maintain appropriate social distancing guidelines

Fellowship Activities

  • Groups can begin to resume activities as long as they meet and maintain appropriate social distancing guidelines


We will be carefully following our State and Government Officials, as well as current medical data to determine when to move into Phase Three.

Below is a simple outline of what Phase Three will look like:

Phase Three (Limited Physical Distancing-Size Unknown)


  • Continue normal weekly worship schedule

  • Sunday school at 9:30am

  • AM Worship at 10:45am

  • PM Worship at 6pm

  • Choir can resume with no restrictions depending upon social distancing guidelines 

  • Depending on the season, Wednesday will resume its normal schedule on campus.

  • Continue to record Sunday AM worship service and upload it for those who are unable to attend.

  • Continue with Phase two sanitization practices (Sanitization stations, no hymnals, Bibles, or printable material)


  • Classes can continue to meet according to current guidelines once they are known

  • Continue encouraging families to sign in and utilize our RightNow Media life tool

Student Ministry

  • Student activities can continue to meet based on appropriate social distancing guidelines

Children and Preschool

  • Elementary age programs and Older Preschool programs can meet using appropriate social distancing and health guidelines such as temperature checks etc.

  • Nursery and childcare can meet based on guidelines and information available.

Ministries that serve meals may begin operating under social distancing guidelines 

Phase Four (No Restrictions)

  • Resume regular activities for all on campus activities

  • Dinner on the grounds and a celebration!



A Word from your Pastor:


I am sure there are and will be many more questions to consider as we prepare to reopen our church. Likewise, there will be ever changing and new information that may necessitate a change in one or more phases. I ask that everyone remain flexible as we walk through this uncertain time. 


I also strongly urge at-risk worshippers to stay at home and continue viewing our online services. As much as I miss you all, your health is of my highest concern.


I and our entire SBC family are here for you!


Sycamore BC thanks you for your support and understanding as we navigate this pandemic. 

Your Brother in Christ,

Jeff Weathers

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